Senate opens the floor for proposals on immigration reform

Ting Shen  ZUMA

Ting Shen ZUMA

And Congress is breathing a sigh of relief.

Get Early Returns every morning in your inbox. But for those GOP lawmakers interested in much stronger enforcement of immigration law, the proposal being offered by Republican Senators has a lot of sweeteners.

Last year, Trump terminated DACA, which temporarily protected young immigrants from deportation, and gave Congress until March 5 to enact legislation addressing their legal status.

Talks continued over the weekend among about two dozen other Democrats and Republicans, according to aides in both parties, signaling that they are struggling to reach a potential solution in a chamber divided between 51 Republicans and 49 members of the Democratic caucus.

The White House proposal offered a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million eligible immigrants, more than the 800,000 of whom registered for DACA in the five years of the program.

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Over a couple of months, there have been multiple internal disparities lined up that resulted in a heated debate on immigration.

KELLY: First, congratulations on surviving another up-and-down week.

Capitol Hill. What comes in the next weeks to come? Two extremely hard issues - tax and immigration reform - passed by the GOP. It will be something to do with immigration. Democrats aren't ready to entertain that yet, but if things look to be stuck, something like that is always a possible fallback. Problem number one, Judy, is that the key bills themselves have still not been drafted.

"I support the president's proposal and my [Republican] colleagues' proposal to implement it", McConnell said.

The Senate is now considering an unrelated piece of legislation McConnell brought up to serve as a placeholder for an eventual immigration bill. "This is the debate they said they wanted".

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Schumer listed the April 2017 budget, sanctions against Russian Federation for 2016 election interference and the new budget as three important deals he struck with McConnell.

There may also be a move to adopt "Kate's Law" that requires stiff prison sentences for those illegals caught in the United States after being deported. He said that even if neither bill received 60 votes, it could allow them to better assess what proposals could pass. Mr. Trump's erratic record of "negotiating" on dreamers legislation, in which he twice killed real bipartisan deals after previously signaling support, should have already persuaded lawmakers to decouple their work from the president's wayward, unpredictable preferences. We want them out. So Democrats hope that's where the leverage lies. It does not mention anything about skilled workers' immigration. Kim is "the daughter of an immigrant who came here with nothing", he added. But Ryan has jammed the Senate multiple times (on taxes, the budget and most significantly on health-care reform) by passing something through the House that was popular among Republicans but didn't have the votes in the Senate.

"Such a policy is inconsistent with the promises that he and Republicans have made to the voters, and is in fact further to the left of President Obama's position", Catherine Frazier said. He claims he wants to help the dreamers, then insists he needs outrageous concessions to do so. It's pretty complicated, and it brings up questions about political - his political future. But without having the support of a majority of Republicans, that could be troubling.

Democrats are on the hook to pass some kind of legislation that would legalize DACA recipients - illegal aliens brought here when they were children. Are they anxious when you talk to them about accusations that they caved on their principles?

As NPR's Joel Rose reports, "Garaufis said the administration can rescind DACA".

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