Rare Studio Head Talks Sea Of Thieves And Live Services, Microtransactions

Sea of Thieves - Sea of Thieves for Windows 10 - Let's Talk About Specs

Sea of Thieves Confirmed to Run on Potato Rigs

Sea of Thieves will feature microtransactions, like most games released these days.

One big tidbit by way of the game's design director Mike Chapman - there aren't going to be any loot boxes.

Given this is a game based largely on water, we couldn't help but chastise ourselves for not considering sea sickness.

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We recently had a play of Sea of Thieves during its open beta and came away quite impressive by its gorgeous visuals and manic multiplayer.

Speaking to US Gamer, Rare has said it will introduce in-game purchases to Sea of Thieves months after launch, but they will focus primarily on the 'social side of things'. Fishing, for example, is a great thing that would fit into this if we do it, you could bring in a new trading company that could give you new goals to achieve, you could go and get some rare exclusive things.

Sea of Thieves is set to be released for Xbox One and PC on March 20.

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With Sea of Thieves being a live service game and dataminers uncovering a premium shop within it, some were concerned that it would feature pay-to-win mechanics.

You can also take part in ship-to-ship combat, and hunt down creatures such as the legendary kraken with the help of all the players on the map.

Travelling in a crew means there's a good chance other players will have your back when you're exploring for treasure as well, the website says. They have never created a video game for the PC in their decades-long history, and now find themselves in a position where they need to prepare the game for both Xbox One (X) and Windows 10 at the same time. As it becomes pretty obvious, Sea of Thieves will be a GPU-bound game. "That's a hard and fast principal to us", concludes Duncan.

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"For me personally, the platform is just a way in which for you to get the game", he says. You get a mixture of age, ethnicity, gender, body size, "wonkiness" and how pirate they look versus how heroic they look. When news broke that the highly anticipated shared-world adventure Sea of Thieves would be including microtransactions in one of their earlier post-launch updates, the subsequent eye roll was immediate.

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