Paul Ryan: 'Clearly we should all be condemning domestic violence'

Paul Ryan: 'Clearly we should all be condemning domestic violence'

Paul Ryan: 'Clearly we should all be condemning domestic violence'

But clearly, clearly we should - I mean, come one - clearly we should all be condemning domestic violence.

According to an email obtained by Politico, however, the discreet directive did permit staffers who had already been granted interim security clearances - such as former staff secretary Rob Porter, who resigned last week amid allegations of domestic abuse - to continue holding them.

The House Oversight Committee launched an investigation into the security clearance for former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter on Wednesday, escalating a growing controversy into what the White House knew about domestic violence allegations against President Trump's senior aide.

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The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the committee had requested information about how Porter's employment and clearance were handled.

"You can call it official". You can call it unofficial.

On Tuesday FBI Director Christopher Wray said the agency gave the Trump administration information multiple times past year about the domestic abuse accusations against Porter and the investigation wrapped up in January, News18 reported. Those words don't mean anything to me.

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But after host Alisyn Camerota put the question to him directly, Gowdy confirmed that an investigation actually began on Tuesday night - hours after FBI Director Christopher Wray indicated during congressional testimony that the White House has been lying about how much information the FBI shared with the administration about Porter's alleged history of abuse and when it was shared. How do you have any job if you have credible allegations of domestic abuse? Kelly does not enjoy the confidence of an increasing number of his subordinates, some of whom said they believe that the retired four-star Marine Corps general has misled them.

But Gowdy was unimpressed, saying the chronology was "not favorable to the White House". "And if they don't answer them, then they're going to need to give me a really good reason, and you'll learn that reason and you can judge whether or not it's a sufficient reason or not".

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