Honour Colten Boushie by fixing broken justice system

Jerilynn Webster speaks to the crowd at the Vancouver rally after the not guilty verdict in Colten Boushie’s killing

Jerilynn Webster speaks to the crowd at the Vancouver rally after the not guilty verdict in Colten Boushie’s killing

NWAC calls on the Federal Government and the Canadian justice system to be better and "do better" for the Indigenous people of many Nations on this land.

We may try and ignore it and hope it goes away on its own, but as we have seen with this most recent situation, deadly flare-ups can result.

Colten Boushie was 22 years old, the baby of the family, the recipient of a number of citizenship awards and the one considered to be the optimist of the family. Farmer Gerald Stanley was found not guilty of second-degree murder by a jury in Battleford, Sask., on Friday evening. "I want his family to know that people are here that support them, that see Colten as a whole individual, not just another dead Indian".

She noted she received a sense of understanding from the government regarding the problems Indigenous peoples face. "We were taught to have faith in that system". "And that's exactly what we came here for".

We can not do much about the mistakes of the past, but we do a tremendous disservice to the present and the future by perpetuating them.

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This is not a small matter and rightly deserves exposure as everyone contemplates their own children's safety, and reflects on a justice system that just isn't working.

"Nor how the system adequately deals with justice for Indigenous peoples across this country".

Cries and rants of "MURDERER!" flooded social media, as did shouts of "RACIST!" towards those who agreed with the jury's verdict. Meanwhile, suicides and poor health conditions plague majority-indigenous areas of the country - many First Nations communities have been forced to organize because they do not have access to drinking water.

Four people will speak on Thursday: First Nations elder Frank Tacan; Swan Lake First Nation Chief Francine Meeches; Brandon University Prof. They allege the officers were callous in how they informed the family of Boushie's death and then immediately searched the home. Would this have been different verdict if it had been a non-Indigenous youth being killed? But now, we know to document things.

Logan says Indigenous people are crying for help because they feel all alone dealing with poverty, abuse, as well as drug, alcohol and gambling addiction.

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"We're [the indigenous] overrepresented in jails, we're underrepresented in the system, so it doesn't seem we get a fair shake from a jury of our peers", he said, pointing to the fact that the jury in the Boushie case was "apparently non-indigenous". We have to give Indigenous people reason to believe that they are safe from non-Indigenous people with guns who now may think it is OK to shoot an Indigenous person.

Relatives of Colten Boushie spoke after meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

True reconciliation comes with positive change and actions to address the wrongs of the past.

She said it's important to talk about racism in Canada and for white Canadians to listen.

The Boushie family reportedly met with Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett and Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott on Monday to discuss the decision.

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