Facebook Lists Feature Gives Users Another Option for Status Updates

Facebook Lists Feature Gives Users Another Option for Status Updates

Facebook Lists Feature Gives Users Another Option for Status Updates

It will be a part of the "What's on you're mind?" box as an option alongside things such as polls, photo/video, live, GIF, and more. Facebook envisions users sharing their top five food cravings, goals for the year, and plans for upcoming trips through the new feature, which is created to spark conversations with your friends.

Your list can be about anything - your schedule for the day, places you would like to visit or New Year's resolutions, for instance.

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As the name implies this is a very straightforward feature, where users can now post a list of things as a status update. Interestingly, users can also add coloured backgrounds and Emojis to the Lists. Lists reportedly also allows friends to copy a particular list as well as comment on the subject mentioned in the list. With this feature, Facebook will be able to fill up the users' news feed with what their friends are thinking or up to in their lives. According to Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, the company's priority this year is to make sure the site is "good for people's well-being", though he has conceded that this change may mean users spend less time on the platform.

In order to use the Lists feature, users need to update the Facebook app on their smartphones.

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"Based on this, we're making a major change to how we build Facebook". A recent eMarketer report indicates that Facebook lost approximately 2.8 million US users aged under 25 years in 2017. It predicts that the platform will lose 2.1 million more younger users in the U.S. Despite the decline, eMarketer predicts overall U.S. audience growth for Facebook over the next few years.

Lists has just started rolling out to users, and it should appear as an option when you tap the Status Updates box on the Facebook app. So it's striving to encourage more discussions among friends and family.

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Note: If you don't see these options, tap the "Add to your post" option to expand the menu. To make it an eye-catching post on others' feed, you can add colors and emojis.

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