Apple AirPod Allegedly Explodes, Apple Investigating

Tampa Man's Airpod Explodes

Tampa Man's Airpod Explodes

As per some reports from WFLA Apple's wireless Air-pods burst open when the user was in mid of a workout session.

Jason Colon, the owner of the AirPods was listening to dance music at the LA Fitness when he saw white smoke coming out of the right half of the AirPods. He immediately took both AirPods out and placed them on a piece of gym equipment while he sought help, but when he returned, the AirPod in question was charred and broken apart. It was already popped. However, not the man, or anyone else, was present to see the actual pop or explosion of the small device so we can not yet be certain as to what may have actually happened. Meanwhile, an Apple spokeswomen told a local Tampa television station that it will talk to Colon while it investigates what caused its wearable product to catch on fire. "But I'm sure since it hangs down, it could've been [my] ear lobe".

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"I don't know what would've happened to my ear", he said. "Earlobe could've been burnt".

Earlier the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was in news for the same reasons of battery explosions leaving the users concerned about their safety using mobile devices. However, this is the very first time that we have reported the AirPods blowing up. Colon puts the blame squarely on the batteries, and believes that other AirPods owners need to be warned.

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There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more.

A man's AirPods exploded while he was at the gym YouTube/News Channel 8 A man's AirPods have exploded while he was at the gym. Share your views with us in the comments.

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