Cell Phone Radiation Unlikely to Cause Cancer

Cell phones cause tumors in rats says new research

Cell phones cause tumors in rats says new research

Taken together, all of this research provides a more complete picture regarding radiofrequency energy exposure that has informed the FDA's assessment of this important public health issue, and given us the confidence that the current safety limits for cell phone radiation remain acceptable for protecting the public health. Exposure levels ranged from low power to high power. "So, these findings should not be directly extrapolated to human cell phone usage", said NTP senior scientist Dr. John Bucher in a written statement. Female rats exposed to the radiation didn't, and neither male nor female mice showed obvious health problems in a second study.

High exposure to radiofrequency radiation - the radiation known as RFR and emitted from your cell phone - causes a rare cancer in male rats, according to draft conclusions released by the National Institutes of Health on Friday. There are additional unusual findings from the study, such as the exposed rats living longer than the control group rats, that we are assessing to understand how that may be relevant to the results.

One of the studies reports that male rats exposed to very high levels of radiofrequency radiation grew tumors around their hearts.

The issue of cellphone radiation's impact on human health is one that has been hotly debated for years.

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And Justin Cole, assistant vice president of public affairs for CTIA, a trade group for the wireless industry, pointed out that numerous organizations including the FDA, the American Cancer Society, and the Federal Communications Commission have long concluded that there is no proven health risk associated with radiation emitted by cell phones. The schwannoma evidence is "the strongest cancer finding in our study", said Bucher. Based on limited research that shows a potentially elevated risk of schwannomas near the brain in people, the International Agency for Research on Cancer now lists radio-frequency fields as "possibly carcinogenic to humans".

The study's authors were quick to point out the levels of radiation the rats experienced was higher than the amount cell phones users are exposed to and focused on the rodent's entire body.

The study specifically used 2G and 3G frequencies - not the frequencies used on more advanced 4G or 5G networks.

As for the weight issue, they saw changes in newborn rats and their mothers when exposed to high levels at the time of pregnancy and lactation.

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The CTIA had a different interpretation, pointing out that when partial results of the same study were released in 2016 numerous worldwide and USA health organizations "maintained their long-standing conclusion that the scientific evidence shows no known health risk due to the [radio-frequency] energy emitted by cellphones".

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for example, believes that the research to date, including this most recent study, indicates that cell phones are safe.

The study produced some evidence of an increased incidence of brain tumors in male rats, but the data left the NTP scientists with a "lower level of certainty" that exposure to cell phone radiofrequency radiation caused the tumors.

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