Trump's reported 's…hole' comment 'insulting,' Michaëlle Jean says

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Trump criticised immigration to his country from El Salvador, Haiti and the African continent, by calling the group "shithole countries" at a meeting with Congress members at the White House on Thursday, according to USA media.

According to two sources, at Thursday's meeting the president questioned why the United States would want to accept immigrants from Haiti and African nations, referring to some as "sh**hole countries".

Hillary Clinton condemned President Donald Trump's reported comment Thursday about "sh*thole countries" in a tweet Friday marking the anniversary of the natural disaster in Haiti. Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire said no one at the White House denied "that he used these vulgar terms to describe these immigrants".

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In a response labelled by global media as damage control, Mr Trump has denied using derogatory words but admitted his language was "tough".

He also denied demanding that Haitians be removed from negotiations about protected status for people from certain countries. "Why don't we get more people from Norway?'" The answer is that Norwegians have a stable, democratic country characterised by its reasonable attitudes, and would be wary of moving to any country that would vote in Mr Trump as president. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, who was in the meeting, said the reports were correct.

"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" First, he insisted his senseless wall be part of an immigration deal and now Trump is spouting vile profanities about Haitian and African immigrants from the Oval Office.

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On people from Haiti: "While Haitian immigrants typically arrive in the United States with lower levels of education and income than the general population, they sacrifice as parents to scrap and save and to ensure that their children can make the most of the opportunity to be here".

Haitians and Africans in Maryland say they don't think they should be written off. "I want to see the tape". Mr. Trump reportedly said. "Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!", the President tweeted. On Friday, the Academy Award victor published an op-ed in Time, calling Trump's alleged comments about bringing in immigrants from "sh*thole" countries "disgraceful". I will not be diverted from all possible efforts to continue negotiating to stop the deportations.

Mr Trump also asks why America is not taking in people from Norway.

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