Rumor: Dark Souls Remastered PS4 Release Date Leaked

Rumor: Dark Souls Remastered PS4 Release Date Leaked

Dark Souls Remastered is on its way – PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch

If the Japanese pre-order notice below is real then it looks like Dark Souls is getting a remaster after all, but seemingly only on PlayStation 4.

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Bandai Namco has confirmed that a remastered version of Dark Souls will launch on May 25.

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As for the digital goodies, all the downloadable contents for each game in the trilogy will also be included so that players will not have to download them anymore when they purchase the Box Set. However, in a press release following the Direct, Nintendo clarified that Remastered "includes the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, as well as improved framerate and resolution from the original". Although it's most commonly been associated with the Nintendo Switch, since developer FromSoftware are listed as a developer for the system but still haven't announced anything. Would you like to see the entire Dark Souls series on the Switch? Dark Souls theorist VaatiVidya had claimed that this new port would be using engine assets from Dark Souls 3 and would contain HDR lighting and some PS4 Pro enhancements.

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In addition, the report alleges that all three Dark Souls titles will make their way to the Switch eventually, but it won't be coming in the form of a "trilogy" bundle yet. However, there will be a great discount for all PC owners of the original game. However, it appears that these ports are being addressed by a separate company than the Switch port. Though if the rumored Nintendo Direct is really taking place later today, fans won't have long to find out if the Dark Souls remaster really is releasing soon.

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