Exemption granted for girl, 11, to use medical marijuana at Schaumburg school

An 11-year-old girl with leukemia suffers seizures due to years of chemotherapy and her parents are suing the Chicago school district for banning her use of medical marijuana

Illinois sued for prohibiting ill child from using medical pot at elementary school

The parents of an 11-year-old girl suffering from leukemia are suing a school district and the state of IL for not allowing their daughter to take medical marijuana at school.

The couple then asked the school if their daughter could store and use her cannabis on school grounds, but were denied due to state laws. The parents have an 11-year-old daughter who is now undergoing chemotherapy to treat leukemia. He declined to comment on whether he'd like to see IL change its law to accommodate the use of medical marijuana for students.

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A lawyer for the school district said Schaumburg District #54 owes a debt of gratitude to Ashley's family for bringing the issue to light. Ashley uses a patch on her foot and an oil extract on her wrists.

Ashley received treatments and a "substantial" amount of traditional medications to treat her seizures, but they were not successful, and the child's treating physicians have certified her as being qualified to receive medical marijuana to treat her epilepsy, the suit stated. A recent prescription for medical marijuana is illegal in some places in IL, including her Schaumburg school. Ashley was out of school for about two weeks as this legal drama unfolded.

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Friday's decision to allow the girl to take medicinal cannabis at school is an agreement between Judge John Blakey and the attorney general. "She can interact, and can go back to school and learn and not be in a cloud". "We're going to abide by the law and do our best to support our students within the confines of the law".

The family wants a preliminary order that would allow her to wear the patch and get the cannabis oil drops, USA Today reported. Her mother, Maureen Surin, told NPR that since starting medical marijuana treatment, her seizures have immensely declined in number.

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State school officials made clear that possession or consumption of medical marijuana would violate IL law, DuRoss said. She might have to leave school if she is not accommodated, according to the Chicago Tribune. In Colorado, where voters authorized medical marijuana in 2000, lawmakers let schools allow the drug for medical use, but no schools did so initially.

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