Beaumont restricting children visits to all hospitals due to flu season

Beaumont restricting children visits to all hospitals due to flu season

Beaumont restricting children visits to all hospitals due to flu season

Nationally, there are typically more than 2,000 flu-related deaths each week during flu season, according to the federal CDC.

The Department of Health and Human Services reported the deaths occurred between December 31 and January 6.

In Montgomery County, there have been 74 confirmed cases of influenza A. Last year's numbers were not available.

Beaumont Health's eight hospitals have placed visitation restrictions based on high volumes of patients with respiratory viral illnesses and influenza, officials told Crain's on Friday.

Hamilton School District Superintendent Tom Korst reported that Hamilton Middle School was needing "lots of subs" due to the flu, but other area schools in Darby, Victor, Stevensville and Corvallis said they hadn't any reported cases. The recording period ends in May.

Beaumont restricting children visits to all hospitals due to flu season

The flu virus is rapidly spreading across the country, causing more deaths and hospitalizations.

NPR reports the main strain of flu this season is H3N2, which tends to affect more people and make them sicker once they have the virus. "We call that an antigenic drift".

It's also never too late in the season to get a flu shot. "It's how we get different strains".

The Minnesota Department of Health now officially categorizes the outbreak as as "widespread", with more than 1,765 hospitalizations over the last 12 weeks-more than 10 times the amount from a year ago.

Patients who went to the ER at Palomar Medical Center Escondido, north of San Diego, then had to wait as long as nine hours. "If it looks and acts like the flu, they treat them for that, normally with Tamiflu antiviral medicine and antibiotics".

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Out of this, 13 of the cases resulted in deaths, according to statistics from the Flu Express, a weekly report by the Centre for Health Protection on local influenza activities.

The county's death total continues to rise, with 11 deaths reported this week by public health officials.

MS is one of 22 states with a high flu rate in the current flu season.

Global flu surveillance protects all nations, including U.S. "We are keeping them safe however with the immunizations, we may have children coming in with other illnesses that we can't say is the flu or not the flu".

But the most recent data show that the proportion of people rushing to their doctors to get treated for the flu has already hit 5.8 percent, which is as high as that number gets during the peak of a really bad flu season, the CDC says.

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Pharmacies across the United Kingdom are running out of the flu vaccine, as fears of a national epidemic continue to grow.

Through Jan. 6, ME had reported 768 cases of people who had tested positive for flu, nearly all for H3N2, a virulent strain of influenza A more likely to result in hospitalization.

The CDC recommends that to reduce risk, people cover their mouths when they cough, wash their hands frequently, limit contact with others who might be sick, and if possible, stay home when they're sick to prevent the spread of germs and illness.

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