Weekend Ice Jam Threat

Flooding possible Friday with heavy rain and warm temperatures.
								Posted Jan. 11 2018 8:38 AM					Updated Jan. 11 2018 8:38 AM								
								Posted By Jill Reale

Flooding possible Friday with heavy rain and warm temperatures. Posted Jan. 11 2018 8:38 AM Updated Jan. 11 2018 8:38 AM Posted By Jill Reale

Meanwhile, a ferry connecting cities in the USA and Canada across the St. Clair River has been shut down indefinitely due to damage by an ice jam to its Canadian dock.

First off, a Flood Watch has been issued for all of Central NY from tonight through Saturday. "Right now, rainfall looks to be between 1"-3" with some areas seeing more than 3" by Friday night.

Friday's drenching rain and temperatures as high as 50 "will lead to river rises and potential for ice jams", according to the weather service. "Temperatures will rapidly fall from the 50s and into the 20s by Saturday afternoon, resulting in a flash freeze".

Weekend Ice Jam Threat

Be on the lookout for sudden rises in rivers over the weekend as ice jams can develop across the state.

To prepare for flood conditions, towns such as Lindenhurst, Long Beach, Syosset, and Oyster Bay have been preemptively working hard to remove existing snow from key locations, such as intersections and storm drains; Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Saladino was quoted as saying that he has 17 crews - made up of over 70 workers - out plowing sections of the town that look to be hit hardest by potential floods.

The National Weather Service is advising motorists to exercise caution and urn around if they encounter flooded roadways as most flood deaths occur in vehicles. He says traffic on the ferry is typically slow this time of year, though it's used daily by workers crossing the border.

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Taylor said Thursday that the county can expect to see periods of heavy rain, which will turn to six to eight inches of snow as colder air moves into the area.

"The weather service is saying we could get up to three inches of rain".

There was another ice jam just downriver from this one.

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Glen Gosnell, Washington County's director of public safety, said his office has been monitoring the Mettawee River and Batten Kill, but hadn't heard of any potential problem spots. Then precipitation is going to change from rain to sleet and freezing rain. The low will only be around 10.

Winds gusting as high as 35 miles per hour are also expected to cause areas of blowing and drifting snow.

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