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Ben Whishaw and Paddington

'Paddington 2' Review: A Great Sequel That Tops the Original in Every Way

Like its first edition, this chapter of adventures begins by plunging through the cloudy Peruvian jungle giving an insight to Paddington's pre-London days, before settling to the present-day narrative where its predecessor left off with Paddington in the Notting Hill abode of the Brown family, adorably headed by Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville. Is it a sweet, fun cinema romp?

The movie is adorable and enjoyable for kids and adults, and has received glowing reviews from critics. When he finally finds a pop-up book of London, he realises it is just the right gift. "They loathed me. They just said, 'Why are you in it so much?'" He quickly recognizes that such a lovely book would be the flawless gift for his beloved Aunt Lucy, the kindly bear that rescued him and raised him in Darkest Peru. Unfortunately, Aunt Lucy's flawless present is unusually expensive.

Ben Whishaw's lissome voice-work makes Paddington an utterly engaging character.

The bear turns a series of unfortunate events, fortunate every time just by the power of his good heart.

In the present day of "Paddington 2", Uncle has shuffled off this mortal coil, but Aunt Lucy is approaching her 100th birthday. For reasons involving a very bad haircut, the judge hearing the case sends the bear to prison for 10 years while the devious burglar walks free.

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"An emotional masterpiece that digs deep while keeping you smiling, and a pure example of why sequels can still be a good thing."

". Buchanan pinches the book for clues to a hidden fortune. Brown than she has to her other, grownup roles. The scope and storybook whimsy of the first film are recaptured, albeit in a broader, more realistic manner this time around. But oh, how your heart goes out to Paddington when he cries thinking that his (human) family has forgotten him. Paddington phones the Browns who assure him they haven't forgotten him and they know Buchanan is the thief. Furthermore, because of this, each member feels like less of a distinct personality; during the opening credits Paddington gives a swift narration getting us up to speed on what they each have been up to, but it surprisingly becomes irrelevant until being mentioned again in the ending. Thus, the arrogant thespian steals the book and manages to frame Paddington for the crime. Will anyone really find the treasure?

Grant, as well-known as he is, rarely appears in truly family-friendly fare. Will Knuckles and the inmates prove they do love Paddington after all? His very presence keeps the Windsor Gardens neighbourhood in good spirits, and even in prison he's able to transform a place of punishment into a colourful, upbeat wonderland. One night Paddington notices a unusual man breaking into the antique store that houses the coveted pop-up book, attempts to stop it and wrongly ends up in prison.

There's nothing particularly grandiose about Paddington 2, and yet its beauty is in its simplicity.

This family film about the adventures of a cute and cuddly bear in London is a delight for the entire family.


It's hard to expect people to change just by watching this movie, but children growing up watching this kind of cinema is a very healthy habit that could actually cause a real societal change 20 years from now. His eyes are especially "real" and express all his emotions beautifully.

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All in all, "Paddington 2" has a warmth and wit that's missing from many a children's movie. Since the movie achieves all its goals and more, we can go five stars.

Paddington 2 is also a joy to watch purely from an aesthetic perspective.

Hitting theaters on Friday, the sequel to 2014′s smash "Paddington" thankfully (North American distribution rights were sold to Warner Bros.) to bring us another story about, voiced by Ben Whishaw.

Did you see the first Paddington movie?

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