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"'Bigg Boss' is a huge platform and I am enjoying the entire process of choreographing the act for Season 11 finale". Hina's decision disturbed Vikas' game plan and he was forced to change his strategy. Here are other updates from day 103 Vikas Gupta orders Shilpa Shinde to jump in the pool Shilpa Shinde agrees to Vikas Gupta's plan of her ouster from the game after pressing victor. Shilpa was asked to pretend as if she's still a part of the task by Vikas.

Second chances - Bigg Boss 11 came to the rescue of Shilpa Shinde and Hiten Tejwani, who were on the verge of fading into oblivion. To this, Hina gets teary-eyed and thanks him. Hina also revealed that she doesn't like Shilpa's habit of adding mustard seeds in food. He then asks her to crush his bracelet and tells her that he will not ask her to break her things as he is not that mean. Shilpa, on the other hand, talks matter of factly about Hina and says that Hina does't know how to what about people. Lots of fights happened amongst many hard tasks but only top four contestants - Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma survived in the reality show.

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The "Vikas City" task continued for another day where dictator Vikas convinced Shilpa Shinde to help him and press the buzzer.

Later, Vikas and Shilpa were seen criticising Puneesh for not being loyal to anybody in the house. Hina thanks Puneesh for supporting her. Vikas gets miffed with Puneesh after he sided with Hina. Puneesh stood by Hina's side and supported her. Hina broke into tears on the last day of the season. Well Bigg Boss announces that the task has been successfully finished and Vikas managed to earn Rs 6 lakh, while Shilpa and Puneesh lost Rs 3 lakh from their winning amount. To prove to Shilpa Shinde that she can't cook, Hina Khan entered the kitchen to fix a meal for herself.

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He asks her to help him win the Rs 3 lakh amount as he feels she is anyways going to be the victor and get the lump sum.

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