HBO's first teaser for Fahrenheit 451 burns everything down

Michael B. Jordan in HBO's 'Fahrenheit 451,' based on the novel by Ray Bradbury

Michael B. Jordan in HBO's 'Fahrenheit 451,' based on the novel by Ray

YouTube writer and comedian Lilly Singh will play a tabloid vlogger on HBO's upcoming film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, which stars Michael Shannon, Michael B. Jordan, and Sofia Boutella.

The name for the novel came from the fact that Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which books burn. In the 1953 novel, released during the peak of the McCarthy era panic, books are outlawed and "firemen" go around to make sure that they go up in smoke, lest any unapproved ideas make their way out into the world. Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes) and Amir Naderi (Vegas: Based on a True Story) adapted Ray Bradbury's bestselling novel for the screen, with Bahrani directing and executive producing. Jordan plays one of the future firemen who torch the tomes, with Shannon as his captain.

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Finally, we have a photo of Sofia Boutella as Clarisse, an informant who "gets caught between the competing interests of Montag and Beatty". "I am grateful to HBO for helping me bring my vision of the film to audiences with this incredible cast". "I think we've been going in that direction for a long time, it's just now kind of being revealed to us more clearly".

"Knowledge is risky. Every book is like a loaded gun", a quick clip of the show professes. "The speed at which [technology] is advancing, perhaps exponentially - I am concerned, are we going to be able to get ahead of the dam?" "How do you take Bradbury's themes - some were so prophetic - it wouldn't be hard to start to manipulate and control what's happening on the internet", he noted. Social media and supercomputers like my phone are real now.

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"We're all guilty of just reading the headlines", the director concluded.

In the footage from the new movie, which debuts this spring on HBO, Shannon's character Beatty - the movie's villain as Jordan's Guy Montag comes to side with the pro-knowledge resistance - says harrowing lines that remain just as resonant and terrifying in today's world as they would have been when Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953. Bradbury says we've asked for this.

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