Haitian embassy thanks those who reached out after Trump's comments

"We should be here remembering our brothers and sisters, but instead we're answering to President Trump".

Love, a Republican representing Utah's 4th District, said her parents proudly took the oath of allegiance to the United States and took on all the responsibilities that come with being citizens when they immigrated from Haiti.

According to The Washington Post, during an Oval Office meeting on Thursday with US senators to discuss the status of some immigrants in the country, President Trump described Haiti, El Salvador and unspecified African countries as "shitholes".

"President Trump has been and is a racist".

While Trump denied the widely reported comment in a tweet, Senator Dick Durbin of IL, one of the top-ranking Democrats and a longtime supporter of immigration reform, said he "personally heard" the president's comment, and that Trump had repeatedly used "hate-filled, vile and racist" words. Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin of IL on Friday said Trump had indeed made the comments about 's***hole countries'. President Trump said things that were hate-filled, vile, and racist.

Trump, the senators said, "brought everyone to the table this week and listened to both sides".

The reference to Norway may have been prompted by Prime Minister Erna Solberg who visited the White House on Wednesday when the president praised Norway for running a trade deficit with the United States and for buying USA military equipment. "Let me be clear, the people of Haiti have been through more, withstood more, fought back against more injustice than our president ever has", an obviously choked-up Cooper said.

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DACA is short for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

"I appreciate Senator Durbin's statements and have enjoyed working with him and many others on this important issue".

It's unclear now how a deal might emerge, and failure could lead to a government shutdown. "But you know what I thought of right away?"

There were also questions about which lawmakers were in position to conduct meaningful talks.

Durbin said, "We have seven days and the clock is ticking". It "continues to build support for the only deal in town", he said. But some Democrats have threatened to withhold support unless an immigration pact is forged.

"As individual Christians, we have a biblical responsibility to place the needs of others above our own, but as Commander-in-Chief, President Trump has the constitutional responsibility to place the interest of our nation above the needs of other countries".

Durbin said people who would be allowed to stay in the USA included those who had fled here after disasters hit their homes in places such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti.

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In the meeting, Trump criticized the tentative bipartisan agreement drafted by Durbin, Arizona Republican Jeff Flake and four other senators.

"I look forward to getting a more detailed explanation regarding the president's comments. They're shithole countries. We should have more people from Norway". Durbin told reporters in Chicago.

In November, the Trump administration rescinded deportation protection granted to almost 60,000 Haitians after the 2010 quake and told them to return home by July 2019.

Trump denied in a pair of tweets on Friday that he made the comment, but referred to Haiti as a "very poor and troubled country".

"In addition to being insulting to us, more importantly it's quite disrespectful and insulting to the people that we're trying to help and the friends and colleagues that we've made there over the last eight years", Furey said in an interview. And to this day, as I'm talking to you, we have Haitians in universities who are professors here. There is no transcript or recording of that meeting.

I think on the eve of Martin Luther King's birthday. that those conservative attempts to defend the president are shameful.

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