CES 2018: Intel launches Shooting Star Mini drones

Intel partners with Ferrari for AI and drone support at Ferrari Challenge series

Intel partners with Ferrari for AI and drone support at Ferrari Challenge series Enlarge

Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich announced a three-year partnership with Ferrari at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that will work in two main areas: improving the TV spectacle of Ferrari's one-make racing series, and helping improve the performance of customers who race Ferrari 488 coupes. This CES 2018 saw Intel introduce a new version of drones called "Shooting Star Mini". These drones were pre-programmed for the aerial music dance show. Intel brought an wonderful experience for the audience. The Shooting Star Mini drones then go out and follow the choreography.

The drone market is rapidly growing in the world. Intel worked around those difficulties by creating a new system specifically allowing drones to be choreographed while avoiding obstacles, aptly named the Indoor Location System. The flock of drones flies in the flawless complex formation as they are controlled by an algorithm.

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Using software, a single person can create a light show with a large fleet of the tiny drones. The Shooting Stars swarm could be controlled by a single operator.

This isn't the first time such performances took place. The brand had debuted at the halftime show at the last Superbowl with its drone-based light shows, seems to have now added a lot more to the latest device.

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Intel says drones equipped with number-crunching AI programs could spped up the process thanks to real-time data analysis that may "find unexpected insights that the driver can use to improve". The drones are custom-built for entertainment purposes and feature a lightweight structure and emit more than 4 billion color combinations.

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