Bungie announces plans to remedy Destiny 2's loot box system

Bungie Doubles Down on its Plans to Fix What's Wrong with Destiny 2

Bungie announces plans to remedy Destiny 2's loot box system

Many of these changes will be present during Destiny 2's Crimson Days event, which begins February 13.

Bungie has posted a new community blog post detailing Destiny 2's upcoming updates which the dev team has been working on after listening to fan feedback. What this means is that those playing the Winter Event exclusively to earn special gear to customise their guardians couldn't access numerous drops unless they were willing to shell out real-life cash in exchange for in-game currency. The studio will also introduce a new means of earning Bright Engrams, separate from Silver and the existing post-20 XP reward, to make it easier to get each season's Eververse gear. That is in light of controversy over the amount of experience gained.

Following on from the endgame lock-out, Bungie were quick to categorise what the difference is between expansions and seasons, to ensure that base game players would continue to have access to all the base game activities for the games lifespan. Bungie warn the scope of the rework "could push parts or all of it out to early spring". Direct purchase options will also be adjusted as time goes on.

Bungie today released the first substantial Destiny 2 update roadmap for the new year, after pledging in late November to communicate more with the game's community and fix longstanding issues that have riled fans since the title's launch in September.

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For Spring 2018, the next Destiny 2 expansion is expected to arrive.

PC Clan Chat: In addition to the Tower chat that is targeted for February, we are adding clan chat to the PC version of the game. All content and features in these updates will be made available to all Destiny 2 players. So planned to introduce there major changes in the upcoming seasons. This will favor activity rewards over Bright Engrams.

You will finally be able to see the other members of your fireteam on the destination map. Some are still mad about a lack of content in Destiny 2.

Valor - A progression rank that goes up as you complete matches. Mayhem - a mode in which abilities recharged faster, and one of the few bright spots of the Dawning - will return as a limited-time event on a regular basis. After Curse of Osiris confused everyone by locking vanilla players out of certain content, Bungie is looking to clear things up.

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Seasonal Reputation: Specific vendors will now display a Seasonal ranking.

Playlist Repetition Reduction: This feature solves the problem of experiencing the same playlist entry multiple times in consecutive or frequent succession for both Crucible and Strikes.

In the near future, Bungie will look to add the following and more.

Multi-emotes, extra vault space, and lots of other features that fans asked for. Barrett reinforces this point in the closing of the blog: "We'll be talking to you more directly, and more often, as promised ..."

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