A look at Facebook's changes in what you see over the years

BBC Minute: On Facebook's News Feed

Facebook -5.6% as analysts weigh financial hit from news changes

Facebook is making major changes to its news feed, prioritising posts from family and friends and reducing those from media organisations, businesses and brands. "It may not be good for the business in the short term". If Zuckerberg's statement on Friday is to be believed, he's chose to de-emphasise some of the business strategies that make Facebook mountains of cash and reimagine Facebook as a place for friends once again.

Facebook said it's shifting the focus of its news feed to promote "meaningful" posts, mostly from family and friends.

While Zuckerberg described the move as being created to bring people closer together and foster more "meaningful social interactions", analysts noted that it comes amid criticism of the world's leading social network on various fronts.

"If this change is as significant as they describe it, news organizations will go out of business or succeed based on a change that they didn't necessarily have input on", Kint said.

The move follows declining traffic from the social network to publisher websites throughout 2017.

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"And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard - it should encourage meaningful interactions between people".

Under the revised regime, there will be fewer posts from brands, pages and media companies and more from people.

Facebook's latest changes don't impact ads - only business and media-oriented content posted by pages and other people, according to a person familiar with the matter. That means a news hound can choose to highlight news articles, for instance.

Admitting that its changes will likely reduce the time people spend on Facebook less was a big deal for the company.

However, he added: 'The biggest victor out of this are users wishing to connect with friends and family. And it's a lot like when Facebook published a set of "core values" that year to emphasise that "friends and family come first".

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There are many tight-knit communities around TV shows and sports teams. "On the other hand, passively reading articles or watching videos - even if they're entertaining or informative - may not be as good".

Mr Zuckerberg outlined a less absolute change in his post that will see commercial content de-prioritised rather than removed from the news feed all together. Dotface's videos about a South Korean mother giving a hug to young sexual minority people who could not tell their parents about their sexual orientation struck a chord with viewers around the world, accruing 5 million views and many shares, comments and likes.

The company also faces pressure from regulators in the USA and overseas, and a growing backlash from academics, lawmakers and even early executives and investors about the ways in which social media may be leaving us depressed, isolated, bombarded by online trolls and addicted to our phones. That would certainly help Facebook avoid the responsibility of being a media company - something it so desperately wants.

Facebook has trained individuals, brands and publishers to rewire their brains towards an instinctual pursuit of what they believe will capture that satisfying like or lucrative share. Maybe he'll prove us wrong with this change, but for now, we're going to flag this as fake news.

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