$45 Million in HUD Funding Going to Help End NJ Homelessness

Homeless person sleep on sidewalk of the street

Homeless person sleep on sidewalk of the street

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a total of $2 billion for its 2017 round of funding, which will go to 7,300 programs nationally that provide services, shelter and housing.

California topped the list of state and local programs being funded by the grants, with 900 programs being funded for a total of $382,566,777.

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Housing for homeless people in San Francisco got a boost Thursday when the federal government announced it is giving the city $9 million more than it did previous year as part of its annual funding for homeless programs around the nation. On Thursday, Denise Cleveland-Leggett, HUD's Southeast Regional Administrator, praised HUD's volunteers. Local Massachusetts communities also report the number of persons experiencing long-term chronic homelessness decreased.

Last month, HUD reported that homelessness crept up in the United States, with an annual homeless assessment report showing 553,742 people without a home in 2017. Unsheltered homelessness is on the rise in high-cost rental markets where affordable housing is in short supply. That was 0.7 percent higher than in 2016. In addition, homelessness among families with children declined 14.2 percent across the state since 2016.

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In Western New York, HUD estimated there were 1,042 people experiencing homelessness on a single night in 2017, a 3 percent increase since 2016. However, homelessness among families dropped 5.4 percent.

Continuum of Care disbursals are meant to reinforce efforts by public agencies and nonprofits to help move people off the streets, or out of other marginal living conditions, and into transitional or permanent housing, according to the agency. These Continuums of Care will report these one-night "point-in-time counts" later in the year and will form the basis of HUD's 2018 national homeless estimate.

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