Steve Kerr questions media coverage of LaVar Ball


Steve Kerr questions media coverage of LaVar Ball

"Nobody wants to. But our bosses tell us we have to because of the ratings and the readership'". The eldest Ball said Lakers players had begun tuning Walton out because he was too young and did not command respect. "Don't try and monitor no minutes, put on restrictions".

"There's nothing interesting about that story", Kerr continued. I know he's coming to L.A. LeBron is not a fool.

At least one of them should have stood up in the past two days and said: "None of what LaVar Ball says has any impact on this team". They must care or ESPN wouldn't be spending whatever they're spending to send reporters to Lithuania when they're laying off people who are writing really substantial (pieces).

Kuzma said in a nonchalant, brilliant manner, "You can't be Superman all year, so".

"People like [former ESPN NBA writers] Ethan Strauss or Marc Stein are getting laid off, so again this is not a condemnation of ESPN".

The NBA's Lakers are playing poorly this year - tied for last with the Memphis Grizzles in the Western Conference at 12-27.

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"He creates our pace for us", Walton said, per ESPN. "That's my guy. He's one of my best friends".

"Man, if I tried one-hundredth of what LaVar does, Klay would disown me as a parent", Mychal said last month on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. I'm going the Lonzo I watched previous year at UCLA and the Lonzo I watched this summer in the Summer League. I'm not going to go deep into that, because I'm not with them (the Lakers). Many of whom were really talented journalists covering the National Basketball Association.

With Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Rob Pelinka, the duo that leads the team's front office, watching from above, the Lakers went through a practice that consisted of a long film session and some basic fundamentals drills.

On Monday, Van Gundy threatened to not do pre-game meeting or in-game interviews with ESPN during the network's broadcast of a Pistons game on January 19th. saying their decision to give Ball a platform was "cheap (expletive)" and "a cheap shot" and said they "showed total disrespect".

The Lakers reenforced the rule because LaVar Ball was criticizing the coaching staff.

The guy moved to Lithuania and we still can't stop talking about it.

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Kerr's measured analysis is notable considering his close relationship with Walton, his former top assistant in Golden State. "He's doing all he can".

The Lakers do not appear to know what they want to be right now.

Kerr was more diplomatic, characteristically, lamenting the Ball phenomenon as part of a larger trend in media coverage.

"This is not a ESPN judgment".

While Kerr has previously taken exception to ESPN's fixation with all things Big Baller Brand, he is especially perturbed about LaVar's attacks on Walton.

"Where we're going is where going away from covering the game, and we're going toward just sensationalized news".

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