Star Wars Battlefront 2 gets a pink Darth Vader mod

Battlefront 2

Watch a 2016 Star Wars space combat game that never made it into production

The pink Darth Vader works with the PC version of Electronic Arts' "Star Wars Battlefront II", which was released in November of previous year. The patch serves to introduce fixes for the multiplayer aspect of the game since it has recently seen a surge in player count, possibly due to how disappointing 2017's "Battlefront 2" was for the players, mostly because of the blatant paywalls.

The patch is available for the PC version of the game and Disney took to the game's Steam page to announce the patch and detail its notes.

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Electronic Arts announced November 16, a day before the "Star Wars Battlefront II" game's official launch, that it is temporarily turning off all in-game purchases for the game in response to negative sentiment from gamers on social media. We'd be surprised if that happened given how troublesome Battlefront 2's first few months have been, but it's not out of the question. Minor bug fixes, optimized performance, improved lobby functionality, more accurate ping calculations, and more can be found in the update. Hope so! Aside from continuing to smooth out online play, it seems the big fan request is to add Steam Workshop support. However, that update changed nothing as far as gameplay is concerned.

EA's shares have taken a deep blow following Battlefront II's social media outrage, but Pachter suggests that initial expectations for FY2019 might be too conservative given the publisher's game lineup, which includes titles such as Anthem and the next Battlefield.

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Given this, many thought that the ideal would be to add a system of cosmetic objects similar to games like Overwatch.

Do you think EA will remain open to allowing cosmetic mods in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

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In the future, depending on the popularity of the 2005 "Battlefront 2" game, players can expect incremental updates from Disney.

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