Samsung Unveils 146-Inch, Wall-Sized TV Called 'The Wall'

LG’s new TVs are the first to have Google Assistant entirely built

LG’s new TVs are the first to have Google Assistant entirely built

"Micro " LED is kind of a misleading name, because this new TV technology from Samsung can create truly huge screens. It also showcases some of the latest and most advanced TV display technology Samsung has ever presented to the wider world.

Here's a look at some of the flashiest TVs at CES this year.

As we mentioned previously, the Wall by Samsung measures 146-inches and comes with a self-emitting panel which uses MicroLED technology to produce pictures. By pressing a button, you can lower the screen into a box, where it wraps around a metal cylinder, kind of like a window blind.

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However, don't expect to see this TV in retail stores anytime soon. LG's rollable display answers to consumers' wishes for the TV to disappear when not being used, it said. The Wall is possibly the first large television from this or any brand to, supposedly, come equipped with a technology called modular Micro LED, in which LEDs on the display can be lit up individually with colors appearing more vibrant than ever before and with ideal infinite contrast due to a complete lack of backlight technology. A big draw is that it's modular, which means users can customize the size and shape of the screen by adding or removing sections of it. Arguably, the tiling scheme could be arranged by Samsung to match customers' specific requirements and the bezel-free "wall" could be combined with other units.

This enormous television is 146 inches and features top-notch display technology known as microLED, something that Samsung has said will "set the standard for future screen technology".

Pricing for the TV has not yet been announced.

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You can ask the voice assistant to search for movies, play your favorite show, do a Google Search or read you the weather from your TV. At 146 inches, this thing is a true monster that outclasses even some 4K projectors in how much display space it can give you.

LG's new OLED TVs are made smarter with a touch of AI, and with Google's Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in.

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