Moira Donegan Outs Herself As Creator Of 'S**tty Media Men' List


Is outing the creator of the media men list wrong? Not necessarily.

Donegan claims she never expected the list to gain any sort of following or mainstream media attention: "I had imagined a document that would assemble the collective, unspoken knowledge of sexual misconduct that was shared by the women in my circles: What I got instead was a much broader reckoning with abuses of power that spanned an industry", she continued.

"I only wanted to create a place for women to share their stories of harassment and assault without being needlessly discredited or judged", Moira Donegan wrote in an essay published by NY magazine's The Cut website Wednesday night.

Moira Donegan, a former assistant editor of The New Republic, identified herself as the creator of the spreadsheet, an originally-private document that sent shockwaves through the media when it was first circulated in October. Despite this, the list became public, after which several men named on the list were investigated by their employers and either quit or were fired. I suppose we will have to wait until March to see what thoughts Roiphe's raisin brain actually formed about sexual assault in the modern day; by that time I will probably have forgotten about this entire thing, as everyone will have forgotten, once again, about Harper's.

In her piece coming forward as the list's creator, Donegan wrote that she started the list as a digital whisper network for women in media to warn each other about the behavior of industry men, and didn't think, nor understand, that it would have gone viral. And second, that the risk inherent in publishing the names of anyone involved with the list definitely outweighs any potential news value. "If not, how would you respond to this allegation?"

But after Donegan's story published in the later hours of Wednesday night, women and men across media and publishing commended Donegan for creating the list, wishing her well for having taken control of her story and beating Harper's to its outing.

Despite the spreadsheet being called "reckless, malicious, or anti-sex" and "irresponsible and false", investigations held as a outcome of the list have led to a number of men either leaving their jobs or being fired, according to Donegan.

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Donegan also notes that old-school whisper networks "are social alliances, and as such, they're unreliable. I wrote about it for @TheCut".

From the beginning, the main concerns swirling around the "Shitty Media Men" list, and the #MeToo movement generally, have revolved around the question of honesty. But like me, numerous women who used the spreadsheet are particularly vulnerable: "We are young, new to the industry, and not yet influential in our fields".

But Donegan also said that the document also had flaws and that she was "incredibly naive" when she started it not to anticipate what the ramifications could be. Has most likely already stalked you on Instagram and will show up if there's cheese. I lost my job, too.

"The fear of being exposed, and of the harassment that will inevitably follow, has dominated my life since", Donegan said. Numerous women who used the spreadsheet were, like Donegan, vulnerable - young and new to the industry.

"So many women in media are applauding you, Moira, and we are rooting for you", wrote another. The spreadsheet ended up containing allegations against dozens of men.

In her exposé, Donegan said she chose to out herself before someone else did it for her.

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