Minn. facing potentially severe flu season as hospitalizations climb

Flu hits York County. Vaccine is less effective this year

WSU wins national and state college flu vaccination challenges

Wednesday's announcement came after seven people died from the flu Tuesday, according to the county.

According to Dallas County Health officials, those five people all lived in Dallas County.

Parkland Hospital in Dallas has seen nearly 1,000 people coming to their emergency department seeking treatment.

Testing by the Texas Department of Health has revealed that the most prevalent strain of flu being transmitted is an Influenza Type A (H3N2), which a related strain is contained in this year's flu vaccine formulation.

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If flu is diagnosed in three percent of the home's total population, then precautions go up a notch.

Public Health England said 4.5million people suffered symptoms last week and it was "watching closely" to see if the virus mutates further.

"We can evaluate and treat patients with mild to moderate cases of influenza", he said. "We are hopeful about that, but we hope for the best and plan for the worst". By getting the vaccine now, families will protect themselves and their loved ones against the flu during the holidays and through the duration of the flu season. WakeMed Hospital is reporting a sharp increase in flu cases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the flu season nationwide is far worse than what they saw a year ago at this time.

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Even if you get your flu shot - you're not completely immune to all strains of the virus. More than 11,000 people have developed the flu this season as of January 6 and about a third of those people have been hospitalized. Vaccinating students against the flu is one way to keep them healthy and focused on their academic success.

"I learned the hard way to take up the flu jab having been laid low for two weeks before Christmas with nausea, fatigue and aching muscles which has made me determined to be first in the queue next year". Babies, the elderly, pregnant women and those with chronic diseases should take special approaches to avoiding and dealing with the flu and should see their primary care provider for antiviral medication if they are ill, he said.

Outpatient visits to doctors and other medical professionals by people suffering from influenza-like illnesses were above normal baseline levels in every region of the country, the CDC reported.

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