Long-term use of Ibuprofen causes infertility, impotency and depression, research finds

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BLOKES who regularly take ibuprofen may be putting their fertility at risk, a study claims.

Overuse of ibuprofen could also lead to full-blown hypogonadism- or low testosterone levels - which has been linked to premature death.

A new study is hinting that a common over-the-counter painkiller, ibuprofen, may be linked to a male reproductive disorder. A group of 14 young men took the maximum daily dose of the drug ibuprofen for several weeks, and researchers compared their hormone levels with a second group given a placebo.

A study of nearly 1,000 men tracked for seven years found nearly twice as many with testosterone deficiency - or hypogonadism - died as did those with normal levels.

"Our immediate concern is for the fertility of men who use these drugs for a long time", biomedical researcher David Møbjerg Kristensen from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark told The Guardian.

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"These compounds are good painkillers, but a certain amount of people in society use them without thinking of them as proper medicines", he added.

The detrimental effects of daily ibuprofen were almost immediate. In common terms, the man's testicles don't secrete enough testosterone and the ability to produce sperm is impaired.

In March of past year Jiri Dvorak, Fifa's former chief medical officer, warned of an "alarming trend" among elite football players to "abuse" legal painkillers such as ibuprofen.

In the most recent study aimed at identifying Ibuprofen's effect on healthy men, researchers found that occasional use of the drug does not pose a particular risk.

On its own, a study this small would be little more than a call to do more detailed studies.

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The new study exposed young men to ibuprofen, and found that the pain reliever resulted in "compensated hypogonadism", an endocrine condition that leads to a decrease in testosterone and usually affects elderly men. He said that the safety of Ibuprofen has been proven by decades of study and real-world use.

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory that's commonly used to treat fevers and pain.

While "it is sure" that the hormonal effects in the study participants who used ibuprofen for only a short time are reversible, it's unknown whether this is true after long-term ibuprofen use, study co-author Bernard Jegou, director of the Institute of Research in Environmental and Occupational Health in France, told CNN. However, it is recommended that if men (or women) need to take it for more than three days consecutively then they should first consult their family doctor'.

The adverse effects in the study weren't permanent.

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