Health Care Advocates See Missed Opportunity In Brown's Proposed Budget

Jerry Brown unveils $132 billion California budget for 2018-19

Gov. Brown's $190 Billion State Budget

A fact often ignored by those who want to amend Proposition 13 is that California governments are flush with cash despite Proposition 13's tax limitations.

Jerry Brown's inclination, demonstrated in the $190.3 billion 2018-19 spending plan he released Wednesday, is to put a significant amount into a rainy day fund and operating reserve fund.

Brown's budget proposal comes amid federal budget uncertainty. "That is just the reality". "Fiscal restraints are needed more than ever as California approaches the peak of the business cycle". Alas, Brown's comparatively disciplined approach on reserves is likely as good as the state can hope for, given the Legislature's disregard for fiscal responsibility.

The proposal for the project states the target demographic is "students who do not yet have a postsecondary credential and whose schedules do not fit into traditional, classroom-based settings"-though any California resident would be able to take courses and programs at the online college". Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), the chairwoman of the Senate's budget committee, hinting that she and her colleagues will be pushing for deeper investment in program funding.

Jerry Brown unveils $132 billion California budget for 2018-19

The $132 billion spending proposal includes notable investments in education for foster youth in the state; a new home visiting program for moms receiving welfare; and a bid to divert some young adults from prisons into juvenile facilities.

For the sixteenth time in his four terms as governor, Jerry Brown proposed a balanced budget by January 10.

The much-outnumbered Republican caucuses have their own ideas for the surplus.

This includes $272 billion in retirement liabilities for state and University of California employees - figures that could be understated. The state recorded deficits throughout Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's tenure and in the first years of Brown's terms.

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The governor didn't ignore the soaring stock market and relatively strong employment figures, but said they don't detract from reasons to prepare for a downturn.

Brown's presentation warned that leaner times are near.

"We can't turn on a dime in a downturn", he said.

"We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem", Mr. Fong said.

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"We have to set some money aside whether it's for wildfire costs or Medicare", Cohen said. According to the new budget plan, a lack of action to fund the health plan would have stiff consequences for the state: "failure by Congress to extend funding beyond March 2018 would increase state costs by hundreds of millions of dollars in 2018-19". Over the same time period, funding for state financial aid that primarily supports low-income and first-generation students has increased by $623 million to a total of $2.3 billion.

One placed a $4 billion general obligation housing bond measure on the statewide ballot in November, while the other is expected to bring in $250 million a year through a $75 fee to most real estate transaction documents, except on the purchase or sale of property. The governor has until June 30 to sign the budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1.

For their part, Republicans in the Legislature see this as an opportunity to push the message that Californians are overtaxed - and to ask that the surplus to be refunded to taxpayers. The GOP tax bill places a $10,000 cap on the amount of local and state taxes that can be deducted from federal taxes.

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