Google Gets Fuchsia OS Running on Pixelbooks

Google Pixelbook Targeted For A Fuchsia OS Build

Google PixelBook is now being used to test the mysterious Fuchsia OS

We know Google is always thinking about future, and since May previous year, it has been testing a mysterious new operating system called Fuchsia. To load the OS, you will need two machines to host and target a PixelBook. After this dissimilarity is overcome, however, getting Fuchsia OS loaded onto the device for booting, a process known internally as paving, should be about the same. You can make the bootable drive right from your Chromebook, if you're familiar with the internal console.

Google's in-development operating system, Fuchsia, has a new development device: The Google Pixelbook. If this is the first you're hearing of Fuchsia, it is Google's third OS next to Chrome OS and Android.

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Fuchsia is built on Magenta, which is itself based on LittleKernel, a code created to be used in an embedded system, that is, computers that have a specific objective without any user interaction.

"The "Escher" renderer is written in the Vulkan graphics API", notes ARSTechnica, "and seems custom-built to run Google's shadow-heavy Material Design interface guidelines".

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The Pixelbook, a portable laptop/tablet hybrid which runs Chrome OS, was just released in October. The OS is open source, but with no Linux kernel, there's no GPL components-the OS is licensed under a mix of BSD 3 clause, MIT, and Apache 2.0. Along with the Pixelbook, Fuchsia only supports two other obscure pieces of hardware: an Acer Switch Alpha 12 laptop and old Intel NUCs from 2015.

You can also run Fuchsia on Android.

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The last time we looked at Fuchsia, the system UI was able to be packaged up as an APK and run on top of an Android phone. Once installed, you'll be running Fuchsia, but keep in mind that this OS is very experimental and issues will probably arise. It is still unclear why Google is developing the new OS, and which devices it is targeted for, but it could be a start to something big. Opening up testing for laptops is an interesting development though, it certainly gives the impression that Google is working towards having a unified OS, similarly to what Microsoft is working towards with Windows 10.

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