Winter weather causes blood shortages in the East

4 Health Benefits Of Donating Blood That You Should’t Ignore

Red Cross Puts Call Out For Blood Donations

These number can only get decreased when people will come forward to give their support for blood donation.

Also on the app, you can find blood drives and donation centers near you. The situation arises when the American Red Cross had cancelled 150 blood drives in the Greater Chesapeake and Potomac Blood Services region due to extreme cold weather.

While all blood type donations are important, Grant said platelet and type "O" negative and "B" negative blood donations are critically needed right now.

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January is National Blood Donor Month and there is an urgent need for blood donors of all blood types to give now and help address a winter blood donation shortage.

Along with winter weather, flu season and the holidays contributed to a shortage of 28,000 blood donations in November and December, according to the organization.

The plasma type that can be transfused to nearly everyone and can be donated through a platelet or plasma donation, where available, or during a regular blood donation.

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The next Red Cross blood drive in Monroe will be February 2 from 7:45 1:30 Masuk High School.

In 2016, there were 67,692 Bonfils blood donors, which added up to 142,214 blood donations made in Colorado that year.

Accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients and patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or sickle cell disease may all require blood to save their lives. Once local needs are met, donations are moved throughout the Blood Systems network to make sure they help those who need it most. Donation appointments and completion of a RapidPass are encouraged to help speed up the donation process.

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Isenor says all blood types are needed. The DD Card may be used toward the purchase of any item at participating Dunkin' Donuts.

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