HTC announces VIVE Pro VR headset at CES 2018

TPCAST Announces Support for Windows MR HMD with Universal Wireless VR Module

TPCAST Unveils the “TPCAST Plus,” a Comprehensive Upgrade of its Commercial Wireless VR Technology

It's quite forward thinking too. Hence the desire HTC to actively develop this direction, eliminating the revealed shortcomings and gradually improving the technical part of a proprietary VR headset.

The Vive Pro's new headstrap was created with improved ergonomics and comfort.

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HTC is also looking to push the limits of VR technology since it will now be offering a wireless version of the Vive Pro VR headset.

Along with HTC Vive Pro debut and accessory Vive Wireless Adapter, whose task will be to ensure wireless connection with PC helmet and Vivo Vive Pro. But most importantly, with the Vive Wireless Adaptor in place, you'll no longer have to worry about tripping over cords.

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Rest assured, the Wireless Adaptor will nearly be necessary to fully enjoy the VR headset without any limits, it and can also be used on the Pro model of the Vive VR.

So when can you take VR wireless and for how much?

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"We are delighted that TPCAST introduces this powerful platform design in the field of Wireless VR". Users of the existing Vive will also be able to make use of it. It's officially coming later this year, and you'll want one. Additionally, the hardware upgrade dramatically decreases the restart time. The Vive Pro impressed me with its sharpness, and now stands as the most crisp VR experience I've tried. The core hardware still remains the same but HTC has added minor technicalities that should enhance user experience. The new version includes several new functions that improve the operation of the device, such as the ability to automatically restart if the system hangs, and automatic wireless channel detection to reduce interference, which TPCast said "substantially improves the stability" of the wireless solution. Also it comes with integrated headphones with an built-in amplifier. If you ask me, there's merit to the immersive experience of VR in certain situations, but the wider and easier adoption will be for AR when it's commoditized. Following the first-to-market introductions of VIVE and Oculus wireless adapters, TPCAST is expanding its portfolio to deliver a wireless solution for the Windows MR HMD. I tested the original and Pro versions of the Vive one after the other, in the same Intel demo setup, and the visual upgrade wasn't as massive as I'd expected, or maybe hoped. HTC says that the Wireless Adaptor will be available in Q3, while further availability information regarding the Vive Pro will arrive "soon" (which is as detailed as the company would get).

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