Alligators, encased in ice, endure North Carolina's cold snap

Ice, Ice, Gator? Alligators poke nose through ice to survive

How do alligators survive in the icy waters at NC coast?

The alligators then enter "a state of brumation, like hibernating".

This video was posted on the Shallotte River Swamp Park Facebook page to show the public how these reptiles survive freezing conditions.

According to experts, alligators instinctively know when the water is about to freeze, and they respond by sticking their nose above the surface while the water freezes around.

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As evident in the footage, the beasts allow themselves to be frozen, but before that happens, they stick their nose up in the air in order to breath.

The family-owned park's "alligators on ice" video has received tens of thousands of views on Facebook. The videos show the park's rescued alligators with their nostrils poking through the ice.

Experts also believe if someone mistakenly steps on these creatures, while they are frozen, the animals are most likely not going to react. This case has emerged in from Shallotte River Swamp Park, located 200 miles south of Charlotte.

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When temperatures warm up and the ice melts, the alligators will then start thermoregulating their body temperatures. "They nearly look like cypress knees a little bit from afar". On this, the park has said in reference to experts that crocodiles get the feel of the changes in the weather.

After the frost encloses them completely, except for their yappers, the alligators would slow down their metabolisms to conserve heat and energy.

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