Mozilla moves Mr. Robot Firefox extension to its Store following user outrage

Mozilla moves Mr. Robot Firefox extension to its Store following user outrage

Mozilla moves Mr. Robot Firefox extension to its Store following user outrage

The description of the extension reading only "MY REALITY IS DIFFERENT THAN YOURS" did not help shed any light to users, many of whom immediately believed they were under an obscure cyber-attack. "Although we always have the best intentions, not everything that we try works as we want", Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Mozilla's chief marketing officer, told CNET.

"While the web extension/add-on that was sent out to Firefox users never collected any data, and had to be explicitly enabled by users playing the game before it would affect any web content, we heard from some of our users that the experience we created caused confusion", Mozilla said, although didn't promise to never do it again. "The more people know about what information they are sharing online, the more they can protect their privacy".

Mozilla has been pushing its latest Firefox (Quantum) web browser and waving the flag of privacy on high.

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In the official support page for Looking Glass, Mozilla defended the tie-up with Mr. Robot because the show promotes the importance of online privacy and security.

Firefox users, who were anxious that they were hacked, started digging around to find out what the add-on was all about. So what is this Looking Glass exactly? For users who have no idea what Mr. Robot is all about, Looking Glass suddenly appearing on their internet browser really looks like their computer was infected with malware.

But the Mr. Robot extension damaged trust for some.

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The remote installation of this extension was done via a tool that Mozilla uses to test its browsers' features. And, as some discovered, it's possible to participate in Shield Studies without specifically opting in (h/t Engadget).

In fact, some Mozilla employees were unhappy about the partnership with Mr. Robot.

Mozilla distributed the extension only to people in the United States, the organization said, adding that it checked the extension to make sure it didn't collect any user data. "Firefox and Mr. Robot have collaborated on a shared experience to further your immersion into the Mr. Robot universe, also known as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)", Mozilla wrote on its website. "If I can not trust Mozilla to use these tools responsibly I will have to disable them and recommend my friends and co-workers do the same". Perhaps, but that's a effect of appealing to more demanding users when it comes to privacy and open source.

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