Weird film of Omarosa surfaces amid White House exit

So in order to come up with the money fast she hatches a plan that could only be carried out by Omarosa since she appeared on The Apprentice with Trump. Omarosa is seen above snipping off pieces of Trump's hair

Weird film of Omarosa surfaces amid White House exit

Other than the hints she has left on national television, it is still unclear what, exactly, led to Ms. Newman's abrupt departure after a almost yearlong tenure punctuated by conflicts with other White House aides, a lavish wedding at Trump International Hotel in Washington and a public meltdown at a conference for black journalists.

"Sadly I had to fire him because he's a nut job and he knows all my secrets", said Trump, who then asked Conway what she wants for Christmas.

Omarosa will leave the White House effective January 20, making it one full year as an employee of the Trump administration.

Matt commented on the video's YouTube page, "I can't believe she agreed to do it but glad she did!" while viewers added, "Porn has better lines" and "This woman is nuts!"

Before her resignation, Kelly had advised Manigault Newman that changes were forthcoming - including her dismissal, according to two White House officials who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss personnel matters.

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"At times it was very hard", she said, recalling sitting in morning senior staff meetings, with 30 other assistants to the president, where nobody looked like her.

"Both symbolically and in terms of public policy this is a significant departure from the recent past", Smith said.

"It's predominantly white and it's predominantly male", Stier said. "I came to ask for a favor: Can I put the angel on the tree?" Jerome Adams, Trump's surgeon general, is also black.

"Obama had a much more diverse workforce in the political ranks than President Bush did", Stier said.

In the Thursday briefing, Sanders cited President Trump's close personal relationship with Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr.

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Manigault Newman was one of just a handful of African-Americans to hold a senior position under Trump. Tim Scott of SC, who is Black.

"He's packing a go-bag before the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrives", Johansson replied.

Trump's highly controversial handling of the Charlottesville protests and his repeated attacks against his predecessor Barack Obama and his legacy could additionally contribute to hesitation among prominent African Americans to want to join the administration, Smith said.

Michael Che addressed her unemployment during the "Weekend Update" but was unable to describe what she actually did in the White House.

She spoofed the emotional scene from the 80s flick "Say Anything" in the cold open by hoisting a boombox above her head as it serenaded the Trumps with the theme from the NBC reality show.

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"I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that has affected my community and my people", Manigault said.

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