Pentagon spent millions to investigate UFO reports

Pentagon spent millions to investigate UFO reports

Pentagon spent millions to investigate UFO reports

All it took was a resignation letter for the truth to come out. "We tried to work within the system".

"We were trying to take the voodoo out of voodoo science", Elizondo told Politico.

The Times noted that the Defense Department had never before acknowledged the existence of the program, but officials now say it was shut down in 2012. That's according to two reports released Saturday by the New York Times and POLITICO. The Pentagon confirmed AATIP's existence, though it's yet to comment on whether the program is still running despite lacking government funding.

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Harry Reid left the Senate almost a year ago but a shadowy Pentagon program tracking UFOs that he helped start is apparently still alive. and searching. It began in 2009 when Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader at the time, first secured the appropriation to start the program.

Reid, who left office in January, said those in the military were afraid to report UFO encounters out of concerns they would be laughed at.

Those who question the government's version of the Roswell incident and admit a belief in aliens are often branded by critics as conspiracy theorists, but aerospace researchers like Bigelow and his supporters like Reid argue that there are legitimate justifications for spending government money and resources on investigating the unexplained phenomena. Pentagon spokesperson Thomas Crosson told the Times the reason AATIP's funding ran out was because "there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding".

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Elizondo told the New York Times he had a successor, but declined to reveal his name. "I think it's one of the good things I did in my congressional service". "I've done something that no one has done before", Reid said.

But the Pentagon was less clear about whether the UFO program continues to hover somewhere in the vast universe of the United States defence establishment.

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