Net neutrality repeal: Now what?

Net Neutrality Vote

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In addition, the absence of net neutrality rules will threaten Korea's internet business industry by hampering innovation, while driving away startups seeking to bring next-generation internet content and services to the local market, the agency said.

Meanwhile, multiple state attorneys general have threatened lawsuits to block the FCC's order. He's making his argument for repealing net neutrality rules by donning a Santa Claus suit, wielding a fidget spinner and a toy gun, wearing eclipse glasses, being silly. "There isn't that much case law about when the FCC pre-empts states and when it doesn't", he said. "Congress", said Senator Ed Markey who, along with more than a dozen other lawmakers, promised to introduce legislation to overturn the FCC vote.

Pai singled out companies that provide services dependent on fast service, such as those that perform remote health monitoring of people with serious illnesses, as potential beneficiaries of the repeal. The courts blocked the first two attempts, but the FCC ultimately succeeded in 2015 by labeling broadband a utility - a legal classification that provided the FCC broader oversight powers.

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But then came President Donald Trump, and along with him, Republican control of the FCC. Chuck Schumer, the top Democrat in the Senate, called on Congress to pass a bipartisan bill protecting a fair and open internet.

Free-market advocates say paid prioritization in other industries, such as highway toll roads, have spurred investment that benefit the larger public.

Proponents have warned that without net neutrality rules, ISPs could increasingly divide internet sites into tiered access packages. The number of net neutrality violations is not zero, but examples are few. In fact, both of these companies have lined up in favor of net neutrality - over the summer, Netflix posted a banner on its homepage showing its support, while Google elaborated on its views in a post on its public policy blog.

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Rep. Kim Kyoung-tae of the main opposition Liberal Korea Party said during a National Assembly meeting last month that "net neutrality was an appropriate regulatory framework for a time of government-led ICT infrastructure development, and is now unfitting for the new 5G era", according to local media reports. And T-Mobile (TMUS) past year made it cheaper for its users to stream certain video services - notably after the stricter net neutrality rules were in place.

As if consumers weren't already paying enough, some experts are saying the price of the internet could go up a lot more, especially after this week's vote by the FCC to dismantle net neutrality.

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