Shark born before Shakespeare discovered

Found Greenland shark not 512-year-old misleading reports storm websites

Found Greenland shark not 512-year-old misleading reports storm websites

Scientists believe that the sharks have existed for so long that their bones and tissues might provide helpful insights into the effects of Global warming and pollution over the time span of this 500 + years. This means, currently, Greenland shark is about 512 years old, which indicates that it might have been there during reigns of S├╝leyman the Magnificent and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Marine biologist Julius Nielsen found that an 18-foot Greenland shark his team had been studying was at least 272 years older and possibly as much as 512 years old. According to researchers, its year of birth could be as early as 1505.

Amid the study into "long-life" genes, studies have also shed new light on the shark's behavior.

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Scientists have stumbled upon a Greenland Shark which they believe was born even before Shakespeare. Greenland sharks grow at a rate of about 1 centimeter per year, which allowed scientists to estimate a particular shark's age.

The LAD Bible reports that, because numerous sharks pre-date the Industrial Revolution and large-scale commercial fishing, scientists suggest they can shed light on how human behaviour impacts the oceans. "Given that this shark is the pinnacle predator (lord of the evolved way of life) in Arctic waters, it is practically staggering that we didn't know whether the shark lives for a long time, or for a long time".

Earlier this year, professor Kim Praebel, from the Arctic University of Norway found that Greenland sharks could live up to 400 years. The sharks are known to eat polar bear carcasses and are often attacked by parasites which latch onto their eyes.

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The World's oldest man and Auschwitz survivor, died a few months ago. Its diet primarily consists of fish, though remains of reindeer, polar bear, moose, and seals have been found in the species' stomachs. The ancient shark weighs more than one ton and dwells in -1C to 10C waters and can swim up to 7,200 ft deep into the waters.

To determine the shark's age, scientists used a mathematical model that analyzes the lens and cornea of a shark's eye and links size of the shark to its age.

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