Latest iOS update fixes autofocus issues

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Latest iOS update fixes autofocus issues

The update contains few improvements and a fix related to the Homekit remote access for shared users.

Sometimes the company makes haste in an update for fixing bugs and it goes all wrong. iOS 11.2.1 update will fix the bug in HomeKit for you, which allowed hackers to get access to your smart home gadgets such as smart locks.

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While the update brought numerous features, it also came with bugs and other issues that required subsequent fixes and updates. The flaw gave users unauthorised access to smart home accessories such as locks, garage and more in some situations.

Apple, however, promptly fixed server side after it was 'made public.' The issue was fixed by temporarily disabling remote access for shared users in HomeKit. Once downloaded, the update will restart the Apple TV once. Apple Watch users should keep in mind that once you install beta software, you can not downgrade back to the public release. After installing the latest iOS update, the device displays the "Face ID is not available" prompt upon accessing the face unlock feature. If you're near your computer, you can simply connect your device to iTunes and download via the iTunes desktop app however, if you're going wire-free, simply follow the instructions below... Users should back up data before downloading the update. Devices on beta versions may need to remove beta profiles then reboot to see the updates.

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To update, head on over to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, tap on General and select Software Update. There's also the usual bug fixes.

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