South Korean leader starts fence-mending trip to China

TechSecurity       When North Korea Launches ICBMs U.S. Microwave Weapons Will Interfere
       	        By William Mc Kinney

TechSecurity When North Korea Launches ICBMs U.S. Microwave Weapons Will Interfere By William Mc Kinney

According to South Korean media, Moon will be accompanied by the biggest business entourage ever with more than 220 businesses taking part in the four-day visit. Before the launch, the company in October invited 42 Chinese internet personalities to its shopping mall in the northwestern city of Suwon for a promotional event. Moon is expected to focus on moving past the THAAD conflict and normalizing economic cooperation. "Our revenues in China are rising sharply, growing 42% in 2015 and 112% in 2016".

South Korean President Moon Jae-in's first state visit to China, starting Wednesday, comes at a time when the two countries' ties, once frozen over Seoul's deployment of a controversial anti-missile system, have been thawing, thanks to intensive high-level interactions between the two sides in recent weeks.

Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Zhang says the fact that the system is under the control of the United States military is what really bothers China.


While both South Korea and China share the goal of getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and stop testing increasingly sophisticated long-range missiles, the two have not seen eye-to-eye on how to achieve this.

The last time South Korea and China failed to issue a joint statement after a summit was in 1994, when President Kim Young-sam was in office and the North Korean nuclear crisis had just erupted.

Orion, a confectionary subsidiary of Orion Holdings, said that its sales had recovered nearly to the levels before the THAAD crisis.

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The THAAD disagreement had dented South Korea's economic growth, especially its tourism industry, as group tours from China came to a halt while charter flights from South Korea were cancelled.

However, any refugee settlements would mark a shift in China's policy towards North Korean refugees, who they have previously said are recognized exclusively as illegal economic migrants and if apprehended are sent back to North Korea to face nearly certain torture. "Without a complete resolution of the THAAD issue, a complete improvement in relations [between South Korea and China] is out of the question", he said.

China has been consistent in its opposition to the deployment of the THAAD system, but values South Korea's assurance not to add to the existing system, or participate in the US -led missile defense system, or develop a military alliance with Japan and the United States.

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The Bank of Korea, the country's central bank, estimates that the THAAD saga will push South Korea's gross national product down by 6.5 trillion won ($5.98 billion), or 0.4 percentage points, over 2017.

China has been particularly angered at the deployment of US-made Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea, saying its powerful radar can see far into China and will do nothing to ease tension with North Korea.

On Friday, Moon will embark on a two-day visit to Chongqing, which is at the centre of China's One Road, One Belt development initiative and is home to many prominent business operations of South Korean companies, including Hyundai Motor.

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