'Ram Setu' or Adam's Bridge is man-made declares Discover Science

039;Ram Setu exists', US promo reignites debate on the mythological bridge

Ram Setu is man-made, says the new Science Channel show 'What on Earth'

The discovery was made by the American Scientists, and the video was uploaded on the twitter account of Science Channel.

The bridge now connects Pamban island in India's Tamil Nadu state with Sri Lanka's Mannar island.

In the show, a group of oceanologists and archaeologists, citing images from a NASA satellite, claim that the investigators have found a 30-miles-long line of rocks between Sri Lanka and India.

"It is unfortunate that the Congress has always been apologetic when it came to respecting Hindu religion".

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Many of you might not be aware of the Adam's bridge or the Ram Setu bridge which now connects Pamban island in India's Tamil Nadu state with Sri Lanka's Mannar island.

A similar bridge has been mentioned in Valmiki's Ramayana, and some Hindus claim the existence of Adam's Bridge to be proof that the events narrated in the epic are historically true.

The Ram Setu came under controversy after the UPA-I government launched the Sethusamudram project in 2005. Geological evidence suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka.

The BJP, Goyal said, is not apologetic about its love for Lord Ram and for the party functionaries he was an ideal human being.

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Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today said the show reaffirms that belief.

Amid protests, the Congress-led government withdrew its affidavit in court.

The most interesting bit about the case was that the ocean sand was 4000 years old, but the rocks on them were at least 7000 years old. Y Sudershan Rao, the chairman of the ICHR, which falls under the HRD ministry, had then said no underwater exploration had so far been conducted in this regard. "The research has supported what the BJP has been claiming all along.The Setu is part of our cultural heritage", Prasad told reporters here.

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