Bethesda Vows to Save The Single-Player Gamer at The Game Awards

Bethesda Vows to Save The Single-Player Gamer at The Game Awards

Bethesda Vows to Save The Single-Player Gamer at The Game Awards

But sometimes you just need a little time away.

Unlike a majority of AAA developers and publishers, Bethesda's titles often have a more substantial emphasis on single-player experiences.

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Once upon a time, these solitary experiences dominated the gaming landscape.

Bethesda, known for their sprawling single player titles, released a pretty unusual video featuring Lynda Carter discussing how Bethesda aims to save single-player gamers. The ad aired during The Game Awards to an audience of a reported 4 million viewers. Hulst emphasised that Horizon: Zero Dawn was the "first exclusively single-player game that [the team has] made in a long time" and also "by far, [its] best-selling game". Meanwhile, the community has been clamoring for more single-player games, and the media has penned a panoply of pieces bemoaning the loss of single-player experiences.

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To get the ball rolling, the company also kicked-off a weekend sale to entice gamers to enjoy and appreciate single-player games. As such, players will be able to purchase all of Bethesda's latest single-player games at attractive prices.

The closure of Visceral Games has, once again, raised concerns about the death of single-player games, but a couple of major publishers have promised support for the form.

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Accompanying the drive, Bethesda will donate $100,000 to the Entertainment Software Association Foundation, an organisation that provides scholarships to the next generation of developers.

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