At the Movies: Tonya Harding tale sticks the landing

At the Movies: Tonya Harding tale sticks the landing

At the Movies: Tonya Harding tale sticks the landing

Tonya also had a brief career as a boxer and is most famous for her bout with former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones (whose sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton precipitated his impeachment in 1998).

Harding later pleaded guilty to hindering the criminal investigation into the plot against Kerrigan and drew a lifetime ban from skating. She professed to having no knowledge of the attack on Kerrigan.

I, Tonya, details the violence that Harding suffered in uncompromising detail, including the way in which the authorities ignored her plight - both as a child at the hand of her mother, and as an adult at the hands of Gillooly. She and Gillooly divorced.

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To portray the ill-fated title character, Margot Robbie sat down with Harding and drew from hours of archival footage - Harding's infamy arrived at a particularly ravenous time with the onset of gossip shows like "A Current Affair" and "Hard Copy" - and her dedication to authenticity pays off in spades. Eventually even that notoreity faded, and she receded into her private life.

The reason that a film like I, Tonya or a series like American Crime Story are getting any traction is because they're going against the grain of our preconceived narrative. The disgraced skater, now 47, appeared earlier this week at the film's L.A. premiere, flanked by star Margot Robbie. For anything. As she gives her interviews, the skating legend remains as unbelievably deft at avoiding blame as she was in the mid-nineties.

Robbie, in her finest performance yet, plays Harding as above all a survivor, smiling through pain and prejudice as she pursues her dream, only to be dragged down by those around her. Told from multiple, wildly contradictory perspectives, and allowing the viewer to piece together their own version of the "truth", Rogers' script nicely captures the chaos of Harding's unconventional life, while Gillespie lands on the right energetic tone to properly relate her anarchic spirit. Note, she's just 15 here and finished second over many experienced competitors. She wasn't lithe, she wasn't pretty, she wasn't a princess-she wasn't, in other words, Nancy Kerrigan, who embodied all the virtues by which the USA skating establishment wanted to promote itself. The trio would sweep the World Championship a few months later, with Harding earning silver.

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"I could see so much defensiveness in her and denial about not caring for her daughter". With "Tonya Harding", he's absolutely done it again. She had a silly mistake at the end, falling on the much simpler double Axel.

"Tonya Harding's dramatic rise and fall was fiercely followed by the media, and she very quickly became the brunt of jokes, the subject of tabloid headlines and public outcry". She claims her tough love abuse is what turned Harding into a champion. But she also won't ever let young Tonya rest, and often beats the crap out of her, drunk and spiteful towards the one innocent person in her life.

The film has managed to score an 88 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with Margot lauded for her amusing and sympathetic portrait of Tonya. One of the most lovely moments comes during Harding's dramatized interview. American millennials have heard about the scandal because both skaters were on the U.S. Olympic team, but Robbie could easily have skated through life not knowing (ha). But she's also resilient and, ultimately, sympathetic. She sort of brushed it off in a way that made me think "Wow". Harding fought back tears as she took the ice and was visibly nervous. "Try ordering a coffee with that - you'll get a good response!"

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