Justice League Box Office Disappointment Leads to DC Films Reorg

Justice League Box Office Disappointment Leads to DC Films Reorg

Justice League Box Office Disappointment Leads to DC Films Reorg

Variety reports that veteran producer Jon Berg, who past year was appointed alongside DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns to supervise the slate of films based on DC Comics properties, will step aside, and instead work as a production partner of Roy Lee (The LEGO Movie).

In addition, it's suggested further changes include that both Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will not be receiving full producer credits on future DCEU movies like they did with Justice League.

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The only positives you can take from Variety's report is that it's believed Warner Bros. are happy to continue with the Flashpoint movie, stating that it could well be Ben Affleck's final outing as the Dark Knight, what with Matt Reeves wanting to measure up someone else for the cape and cowl for his standalone Batman movie. Is that a polite cover? To this day, Justice League's domestic haul is still behind the opening weekend of Marvel's The Avengers. Johns, is also closely involved with the comic book, television and consumer products aspects of DC, explained at the time that, "My job is to help other Warner Bros. divisions work with DC". Right now, DC has its own building on the lot, though I'm not sure how sharing a roof with the rest of Warners staff is going to fix this humdrum movie universe, which has bigger problems than real estate. "It's a cool looking costume", he said.

After Justice League stumbled not only critically but, crucially, at the box office as well, Johns and Berg are reportedly out-and Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, et.al. are once again a group of heroes in search of a leader.

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Think of today's news like ripping off a Band-Aid. Berg and Johns may be hardcore fanboys who know these DC properties inside and out, but sometimes that can pose a problem, since these films are trying to appeal to all audiences, not just fans of the comics.

According to the post, the Warner Brothers is thinking of packaging the film as part of a Superman trilogy, mixing in a copy of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and an extended cut of JL along with the superhero team-up movie's home release.

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