Apple Pay Cash Now Available with Latest iOS Update

It was supposed to launch with iOS 11, the latest version of the operating system underlying the iPhone that Apple released in September.

Apple Pay Cash features launched with iOS 11.2. This 2% decrease in installation despite Apple's efforts to update iOS 11 with focus of solving bug fixes that are throughout iOS have not caused a increase in installation rates.

Users also have the option to transfer funds from Apple Pay Cash directly to their existing bank account, according to the release. If not, a slider switch in the Wallet & Apple Pay section of Settings lets you enable Apple Pay Cash. However, Venmo offers a couple of important advantages over Apple's system: You can scan a QR code to verify your payee, and you can attach notes along with a payment. When these users receive money for the first time, it's added to their new Apple Pay Cash card upon acceptance of terms. Users can then press "Pay" and enter an optional message.

Apple Pay Cash comes with some limitations.

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It's free to send money via Apple Pay Cash - but only if you use a debit card.


After receiving a payment, you can transfer the money to your bank account.

. Venmo also lets you pay amounts smaller than $1, Apple's minimum.

Here's what it looks like when you send or request money.


You could try telling Siri "Apple Pay $25 to Steve for movie tickets", for example. With Venmo, unless you change privacy settings, any of your contacts can see exactly who you paid in a feed of transactions. You then confirm the payment with your face, fingerprint, or passcode. Payments are not available in group chats on iMessage.

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Meanwhile, Apple Watch users will need the latest watchOS 4.2 before they can start using Apple Pay Cash, according to 9to5mac. Funds on the card, which is powered by Discover Network debit services, are available immediately for purchases made in-app or in a physical store that accepts Apple Pay.

You'll find more Apple Pay instructions from Apple.

A direct competitor to other digital payment apps like Venmo and Square Cash, Apple Pay Cash was announced in June at Apple's annual developers' conference. If and when Apple adds the ability to pay Android users, we'll update this review.

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