Apple Fixes iOS 11.2 Homekit Vulnerability

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Apple Fixes iOS 11.2 Homekit Vulnerability

The site reports that a "HomeKit vulnerability in the current version of iOS 11.2 has been demonstrated to 9to5Mac that allows unauthorized control of accessories including smart locks and garage door openers." .

9to5Mac said it won't describe the vulnerability in detail and that it "was hard to reproduce", but it allowed unauthorised control of HomeKit-connected accessories. However, any security flaw that potentially gives a stranger access to your hack is bad news for Apple and the trustworthiness of smart home accessories in general.

The iOS update was rushed out on Saturday because of a critical need to fix a bug in iOS 11 that caused some iPhones to crash when the calendar changed to December 2.

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Apple has been forced to fix a security hole within its HomeKit smart home system that could have allowed hackers to unlock users' smart locks or other devices.

Users won't have to install anything, but they will notice the "remote access to shared users" feature for their HomeKit devices has been temporarily disabled. Previous versions of iOS appear not to have been affected. Apple said an update to iOS 11.2 will be coming next week and this will restore that full functionality. Just last week, developers found a major flaw in macOS High Sierra that allowed anyone to gain root access to a locked Mac, using no advanced knowledge and seconds of physical access to the machine.

Often times the issue stems from smart devices not being secured properly and security experts continue to highlight the potential security threat that these devices could pose to their owners.

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"There isn't much of a security loss here, relatively speaking", he said in an email.

The list of products compatible with Apple HomeKit includes light switches, thermostats, doorbells and cameras, in addition to garage door openers and smart locks.

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