We Just Discovered 2 Super-Earths

The new study also found that K2-18b has a neighbour which has been named K2-18c. The data used by the researchers came from the ESO's 3.6-metre telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile

U of T researcher finds Earth-like conditions in little-known exoplanet – and discovers a new planet

"Being able to measure the mass and density of K2-18b was tremendous, but to discover a new exoplanet was lucky and equally exciting", said Ryan Cloutier, a PhD student at the University of Toronto.

As well as taking one giant leap closer to finding a potentially habitable exoplanet, the team also uncovered a second Earth-like planet orbiting K2-18.

Canadian researchers have discovered that a previously-known exoplanet is several times bigger than Earth and orbits in what's often called the "Goldilocks zone" - a not-too-hot, not-too-cold region that could host liquid water.

In a significant breakthrough in man's relentless search for life beyond Earth, a new research claims to have found a planet that could host alien life. First discovered back in 2015, the planet is thought to lie within its star's habitable zone, and if it does indeed have a rocky core as scientists believe, it may well have liquid water on its surface.

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The latest study, by scientists at the University of Texas, Scarborough, and the University of Montreal, Canada, was conducted out using the data from the European Southern Observatory.

Cloutier collaborated with an global team of researchers, including his supervisor U of T Scarborough Associate Professor Kristen Menou, and from the Observatoire Astronomique de l'Université de Genève, the Institute for research on exoplanets (iREx), Université de Grenoble and Universidade do Porto.

K2-18b orbits the star K2-18 (see how that works?), and while it's quite a ways from our own Solar System, it might be worth the trip. HARPS allows for measurements of radial velocities of stars, which can be affected by the presence of nearby planets, to be taken with the highest accuracy now available.

HARPS measurements provided information on the planet's mass, while the planet's radius was determined by other instruments that measure how much light it blocks from its parent star. The researchers' data showed K2-18b is either a rocky planet with a small gas atmosphere (similar to Earth) or a water planet that has a lot of ice on its surface.

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By collecting so-called "radial velocity" data on K2-18, the scientists were able to estimate the size of K2-18b. "You have to ensure the signal isn't just noise, and you need to do a careful analysis to verify it, but seeing that initial signal was a good indication there was another planet", Cloutier said in the statement.

Engineers inspect the James Webb Space Telescope after cryogenic testing in Houston, November 19, 2017.

Figuring out which is actually true will require more observations, perhaps from NASA's high-powered James Webb Space Telescope, which is set to launch in 2019.

"When we first threw the data on the table we were trying to figure out what it was". Study co-author Rene Doyon says that K2-18b will be a prime candidate for the new telescope's atmospheric studies of distant planets once it comes online.

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