Rupert Murdoch Says His Vineyard Buildings May Have Fire Damage

Rupert Murdoch's estate is dangerously close to the fast moving fire and is completely covered in smoke as of Wednesday afternoon

Rupert Murdoch's estate is dangerously close to the fast moving fire and is completely covered in smoke as of Wednesday afternoon

Rupert Murdoch's multimillion-dollar property in Bel-Air has been evacuated as possibly damaged, though the owner believes the winery and house remain intact as the Skirball Fire descends on the tony community.

NBC news in LA is reporting that the wildfires are now burning down Rupert Murdoch's house.

Inside Murdoch's property, Moraga Vineyards, a temperature-controlled wine storage shed burned after which firefighters tried to douse the flames but realised that it was not possible.

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Murdoch's Moraga Bel Air winery issued a statement on Twitter Wednesday saying, "We are watching the situation unfold very carefully along with everyone else". The property has been evacuated but based on what we're seeing on TV there may be damage to some buildings in the upper vineyard area.

The media mogul purchased the estate in 2013 for $28.8 million, according to Bloomberg.

The Skirball fire has burned more than 150 acres as Santa Ana winds continue to create unsafe conditions.

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On Wednesday firefighters managed to stop the spread of a wildfire that has destroyed homes near the world-famous Getty museum in Los Angeles. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency.

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday his thoughts and prayers were with everyone in the path of the wildfires.

Authorities have not issued an official evacuation but are advising residents to leave Mandeville Canyon, which has become popular for the stars and other members of the Hollywood elite "thanks to its privacy and 'country living, '" the Hollywood Reporter said.

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In the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles, the Creek Fire destroyed at least 30 homes, blackened more than 11,000 acres and forced the evacuation of 2,500 homes and a convalescent centre north of Interstate 210 on Tuesday.

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