Rohingya refugees still fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh

Mohhamad Hussein, who arrived in Bangladesh in October holds a discarded syringe that he was playing with at the Thankhali refugee camp in Coxs Bazar Dec. 2 2017

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Zeid said actions by Myanmar's government to "dehumanize" the Rohingya minority were likely to fan more violence and affect more communities across the region.

Myanmar's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Mr Htin Lynn, slammed the resolution, decrying it as "unethical and unprofessional" and as "infringing on the state sovereignty of Myanmar".

He described reports of "acts of appalling barbarity committed against the Rohingya, including deliberately burning people to death inside their homes, murders of children and adults; indiscriminate shooting of fleeing civilians; widespread rapes of women and girls, and the burning and destruction of houses, schools, markets and mosques".

MrZeid said no Rohingya should be sent back unless there was sustained human rights monitoring on the ground.

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It passed 33 to 3 - China, the Philippines and Burundi voted against it - with nine abstentions. Two delegations were absent.

These four courageous Rohingya Muslims have told their chilling stories after escaping Myanmar and reaching Bangladesh.

Marzuki Darusman, who heads the independent fact-finding mission, told the Human Rights Council by videoconference that his team has "not yet come to any conclusion on these issues".

According to Reuters, Myanmar denies committing atrocities against the Rohingya.

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He spoke at a special council session on the Rohingya on Tuesday.

But Zeid told the council: "Considering Rohingyas' self-identify as a distinct ethnic group with their own language and culture - and [that they] are also deemed by the perpetrators themselves as belonging to a different ethnic, national, racial or religious group - given all of this, can anyone rule out that elements of genocide may be present?" He said that further efforts were needed to ensure the early return of the Rohingya refugees in an acceptable environment of safety and dignity to their ancestral homes in Myanmar.

The council's resolution broke little new ground other than calling for Zeid's office to report on Myanmar's cooperation with United Nations rights investigators.

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