Nine new politicians facing High Court referral over dual citizenship concerns

Labor senator Katy Gallagher.            
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Labor senator Katy Gallagher. Show Grid

It's anticipated more federal MPs will be caught up in the dual citizenship saga.

Dual citizens are ineligible for elected office under Australia's 116-year-old constitution.

Turnbull's government would have to rely on the support of a handful of independent MPs to retain power if Alexander his December 19 by-election, or if the High Court ousts another coalition lawmaker from the lower house.

Katter's Australia Party MP Bob Katter said that he had been talking to the public and they were sick of the fiasco.

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Ms Gallagher was a United Kingdom citizen when she ran for office in 2016 but argues she applied to renounce her dual status before that time.

But she did not get confirmation from the British Home Office that her renunciation had been processed until after she was voted in, her disclosure documents show.

Mr Feeney was unable to locate documents to support his assertion that he had relinquished United Kingdom citizenship. While some provide citizenship records dating back to the 19th century, others give few details or documents, prompting calls for the High Court to consider their cases.

The disclosures, finalised this week, led to speculation about the eligibility of several politicians.

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Labor's Tony Burke pushed a resolution in the Lower House to refer the nine MPs to the High Court, and said his attempted bilateral resolution would receive no support from the Prime Minister.

A Labor motion to send another eight cases to the court's been defeated, leaving a cloud over the Parliament as it winds down toward the end of it's final sitting week.

Ms Gallagher, a Senator for the A.CT., asked to be referred to the High Court when the Senate sat this morning.

That ruling robbed Mr Turnbull of his one-seat majority in the lower house, which will be restored on Thursday (Dec 7) with Mr Joyce's return to parliament after he was re-elected in a by-election on Saturday (Dec 2).

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In a nation in which half the population were either born overseas or have parents who were, the rule has disqualified nine lawmakers, and left Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's Liberal-National coalition clinging to a minority government.

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