Overwatch League Uniform Skins Will Be Available for In-Game Purchase

Overwatch League

Overwatch League Uniform Skins Will Be Available for In-Game Purchase

The Overwatch League kicks off on January 10, and 12 teams will be participating across the Atlantic and Pacific divisions.

Blizzard revealed that the fans of the Overwatch League teams will be able to buy the team skins, but not in the same manner as how all other Overwatch skins are purchased.

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The moment Blizzard announced team-specific Overwatch skins as part of its effort to make the game more watchable, it was pretty much inevitable that they'd become available to the game's skin-starved general populace as well.

There are 12 registered teams in the Overwatch League, and each of them will have unique skins in their colors.

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According to commissioner Nate Nanzer, purchasing Overwatch League tokens for Overwatch League skins will "provide monetary support for the teams" involved.

On December 5th, Nate Nanzer, the League commissioner, posted a video introducing the newly implemented Overwatch League Token on the Overwatch League official website. The tokens will not be used for loot boxes, so you can purchase the exact skin you were hoping to get, and when they're introduced in early 2018, Blizzard will provide players on all platforms with enough tokens to purchase one skin. The tokens can only be used to purchase the Overwatch League-related content in the game. He did not say, however, whether players will be able to unlock more tokens through MLG-calibre plays of their own, or if they will only be able to buy them. There is also the possibility that players will be able to convert credits into tokens.

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Of course, one of the major features in the Overwatch League is the teamplay.

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