Manchester Arena terror attack could have been prevented, says new report

UK review: Manchester concert attack might have been stopped

Manchester Terror Attack Could Have Been Prevented: Report

A meeting was due to be held to discuss the potential threat on May 31 - nine days after the attack on the Manchester Arena.

Interior minister Amber Rudd told parliament the intelligence services and counter-terrorism police are now carrying out over 500 live investigations, up a third since the beginning of the year and are investigating over 3,000 people. Had an investigation been reopened at the time, it cannot be known whether Abedi's plans could have been stopped.

Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd said on Tuesday that a government report had concluded it was "conceivable" that security services could have prevented the suicide attack.

Anderson oversaw reviews of four terrorist attacks carried out in the United Kingdom between March and June 2017, to determine whether the internal reviews by the police and MI5 were thorough enough. In retrospect the intelligence can be seen to be highly relevant. The attack at Parsons Green, on 15 September, was not covered by the report.

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"With the benefit of hindsight, intelligence was misinterpreted in early 2017", Anderson said.

Khuram Butt was under active investigation by MI5 when he along with three others killed 8 and injured 48 in a June 3 London Bridge attack.

Butt had been investigated for two years.

"Salman Abedi continued to be referenced from time to time in intelligence gathered for other purposes", according to the report.

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The Manchester terror attack - which claimed the life of Sheffield woman Kelly Brewster - might have been prevented if different decisions had been made by MI5, a report has found. "But though investigative actions were for the most part sound, many learning points have emerged", the report said.

"In particular, MI5 and the police have identified the need to use data more effectively, to share knowledge more widely, to improve their own collaboration and to assess and investigate terrorist threats on a uniform basis, whatever the ideology that inspires them". "No free society can offer immunity from terrorism, or any other kind of crime".

Abedi, a 22-year-old Briton born to Libyan parents, detonated explosives following a concert by United States singer Ariana Grande.

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